Replacement of class 158 & 159 units

This will slowly become a sensitive topic with the pressure against diesel traction.  The ORR doesn't like the idea of extending third rails, so that is a nonstarter for Worting Jn / Redbridge to Salisbury and Exeter.   Is it worth prodding the DfT to say that 800 series bi-modes won't really be suitable either?

This article should provide some background info on power sources -

Thanks to Railfutures for this interesting article.
(Perhaps reinvent the TC principle - trailer coaches which can be propelled by electric units/locos and then change over to non electric traction at the end of the 3rd rail?)

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  • Well it won't be happening for a while, until the next franchise, - but I thought the best units would be Bi-Mode Stadler units, similar to greater Anglia's, but on third rail. The only problem is the diesel engines would take up valuable platform space.

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