Reading to Gatwick

Please can you tell me why the Reading to Gatwick service is only ever three carriages long, and dirty old First Capital Connect carriages. It’s always packed, and uncomfortable. It’s such a busy service, why is this ? I would use another train service if I could but you seem to have the monopoly on this service. 

Why cant you make it at least a few carriages longer, and why are you using old First Capital Connect stock which is years old ? 

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  • This forum is for South western railway, the reading to Gatwick service is great western railway. But I'll try and help anyway. 

    The trains are not old 'first capital connect' stock, all theirs were electric, and the trains currently used are diesel.

    Believe it or not the line is due some new trains next year, in the form old ex-First Capital connect stock! These will be 4 carriages long, and will be bi-mode, meaning they can travel on diesel or electric power. They will be heavily refurbished though, so hopefully will look near enough brand new. The line can't have longer trains because of platform lengths.