New First Class 'Micro Cabins'... Basingstoke to Waterloo

I had my first experience of the new first class 'micro cabins' last week and they are truly horrid. There is a 4+4 arrangement at the end of a carriage and no external livery (the first class 'dots') to identify the location. 

I have no idea what 'class' carriage it was (442, 444, etc) but it certainly was NOT 'first class'!

Their placement at the end of the carriage, along with the size, makes them very noisy compared to the current first class spaces; which that are situated mid carriage (so the standard class acts as a sound buffer at each end). The seats are so uncomfortable (hard/narrow) and they are set way to close to the table.

Can someone explain the maths behind the number of first class seats in a standard 12 carriage setup; comparing the current setup to this new one? I assume that there will be an overall reduction in first class seats?

What are our rights if there are no first class seats available? The embarrassed & apologetic guard we spoke too said that we should be able to get a refund for the journey? What would the refunded and how do we do this?

If this is the future of SWR first class, I don't see the point in paying 50% more for such a poor experience. Once the guards have been removed, who will actually check tickets on board anyways? Anyone will be able to use 'first class' with a standard ticket and no one will know!

With the poor state of the current service you provide, I thought you would be encouraging first class travel as it attracts a premium; instead you seem to be detering the people who are happy to pay more.

The "ShoWeR of sh**e" SWR Senior Management must be off their heads to have authorised this new layout.