Can we have an update on the refurbishment programme, and when will the first FULLY refurbished train enter service?

How is the refurbishment of the Desiro stock going? We have seen a few Class 450 units with the incomplete interiors, however only one of them was reliveried. And there have been no Class 444s. I understand that you may be focussing on the Class 442 fleet, but SWR have been carrying out this refurbishment programme for over 8 months now, and we haven't actually seen the full improvements that SWR have promised as part of their contract. It has been acknowledged that you will miss your original finishing date of December this year, but at this rate you'll also miss the revised 'Spring 2019' date. And since it has been said previously that the first fully refurbished unit will come into service 'Summer 2018', and we are running out of Summer and there is still no news or updates from SWR, since the whole newsletter idea also seems to have been given up on. So, when will we see the first fully refurbished train enter passenger service? When will poor 444040 see the light of day again (been in the shop since at least February)?