Boiling point on the Exeter line

The air conditioning is woeful on the diesel class 159 trains serving Exeter from Waterloo. It's often broken and even when it is working, it's not powerful enough for a hot summer day.

The livery / interior has been upgraded. Why not the a/c?

Your poor sweating guards battle the heat by opening the TINY windows but their efforts are in vain. We are trapped in moving greenhouses where temperatures are regularly nudging 40 degrees. 

Looks like we're stuck with the class 159 for a few more years so what's the plan? 

  • Hi,

    I’m sorry that you had an uncomfortable journey because there was a problem with the air conditioning/heating on your train. Although we carry out regular maintenance, as with any system used on such a regular basis, sometimes random faults will occur. Our mobile teams can deal with minor faults, but if parts need to be replaced, this will need to be carried out at one of our depots. We then have to make the decision on whether to cancel the service in the meantime.

    For future reference, could you please let us/ the guard know the carriage number so we can investigate any faults.

    Kind Regards,

    Joseph B

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