Train cleanliness

I feel it may be of use to have a thread for users to report unclean and dirty train interiors (or exteriors), so admin can pass them on to the rolling stock/cleaning team. 

I was on the 1700 from Guildford to Ascot today (3/7/18) and it was a complete mess; horrid inside. The unit was 450560 and the carpets were horrid, more brown than blue with pieces of old chewing gum etc. The disabled toilet door didn't work properly, requiring multiple pushes to get it to open/close. There was a foul smell internally as well, and a pair of seats in the disabled WC carriage were blackened with ink/graffiti.

When people are paying lots of money for the service I don’t think this is nearly good enough, and please can admin inform the relevant team as a matter of urgency as I believe this to be a health hazard.