Has SWR abandoned changing the layout of their trains?

I did start a discussion on the same issue, but with no luck of a reply from SWR but I've since realised I should've asked it as a question.

When SWR won the contract, they vowed to refurbish all their fleet (that they are keeping anyway) with inductive charging in first and plug sockets in standard. Also, as part of the refurbishment they have vowed to change the layout of class 444 & 450 trains so they a higher standard class capacity can be obtained.

However, the 3 internally refurbished 450s have all come out in the same layout as before with standard class in the middle and no (as far as I can see anyway) charging points in standard or inductive charging in first. Also, they still have orange handles from SWT which look really out of place in an otherwise sea of blue inside.

I,and a couple of other members of this forum as well as some other rail forum, seem confused as to what is happening with regards the change in layout.

Can SWR please confirm if the plans to change the layout have been abandoned and if the 444s will be fitted with 2+2 in first class or not. Also, when will the plug sockets be fitted in standard? 

Thanks, Peter.