Skipping scheduled stops when trains run late

Yesterday on a trip from Martins Heron (0905 service) to Banstead via Clapham Junction they decided half way through the journey to run fast from Feltham to Waterloo and not stop at Clapham Junction. Little help was offered but we all had to change at Feltham. It seems several other trains got the same instructions. The next train from Feltham got changed to 'fast from Richmond' literally the minute we got on and having then changed at Richmond that train got changed to run fast from Barnes of all places. I arrived at Banstead an hour later than I should have (delay repay claim in the works). Surely the job of the train companies is to get people to their destination and missing our busy stations like Clapham Junction does not achieve this. I know the arguments that you need to avoid build up delays but in this case none of the FOUR trains I used to get to Clapham Junction was later than 15 minutes which is not much in the general state of things.