2019: Alarming deterioration in service between Guildford and Waterloo

I am alarmed by a very rapid and severe collapse in service since the beginning of 2019..

My trains from Guildford to London (0818 or 0830) and return (1830, 1845 or 1900) have either been delayed beyond 15 minutes or else unboardable due to arrival in short formation (similarly causing a delay of over 15 minutes) some 11 times since the New Year.

Since I only travel into London on four days a week, and was also away twice on work trips, this is 11 occasions during 13 days travelling by train. My evening trains have been in short formation on both of the last two evenings.

Please can you explain what is the reason for this dramatic drop-off in service, and what are your urgent plans to restore it to acceptable levels?

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  • Hopefully the arrival of the 'new' 442 stock in a couple of months should help to alleviate overcrowding and short formations on the services mentioned. I'm not sure on the details, but I've heard they are planning some more peak services on the Portsmouth direct line from the May timetable change. I doubt it will help punctuality, though. 

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