Just checked the latest stats on the 8.42 Surbiton to London Waterloo. Worst ever. 9% within 5 min and 0% on time. Full month reads CANC 19L 10L 8L 8L 1L 7L 15L 11L CANC 14L 12L 5L 20L 14L 8L 10L 22L 12L 10L 14L 17L

So on a 19 min journey I spent an additional 237 mins on the train over the month. Nearly 4 hours. I could have flown to Morocco!

Three specific questions, which I would like an answer to.

Will SWR users be getting an apology for such an abysmal service over the past month?

What are you doing to recover the situation back to something at least respectable?

Will we be getting any compensation over and above delay repay for such an exceptionally poor performance?

I should add that the evenings have been almost as poor and the 18.20 Waterloo to Surbiton achieved the notoriety of 0%

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