Why cancel a train part-way through the journey?

As a regular Dorking-Waterloo commuter, I find it really frustrating that SWT relies on Southern services to pick up passengers when it wants to clear its timetable and cancels the train at Leatherhead, 8 minutes from the final stop.

This only happens when the trains are already running very late, and therefore adds to the delay of the passengers trying to get to Dorking, as they wait for a Southern train to arrive (can be up to 30 mins).

I understand that congestion needs to be cleared, but the message it sends is that your service timetable is more important than your passengers.

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  • Arrrgh! And again last night!  Having sat in Waterloo for 10 minutes after scheduled departure time.  The poor guard had no idea what was going on, and came out with something about track problems, which can't have been true as the Southern service (15 cold minutes later) was able to get through to Dorking.

    Is this any way to run what can be accurately labelled a service?  £1.30 in compensation doesn't really feel adequate for spending most of my evening trying to get home...

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