Will this nightmare of a service ever end? 171 mins lost in September as SWR delivers 0% on time and 20% within 5 mins

My daily commute from Surbiton, the 8.42 to London Waterloo, delivered 0% of trains on time and 20% within 5 mins in September, so 4 trains in 20. Tallying the time lost on what should be a 19 minute journey, it came to a grand total of 171 mins, so nearly three hours for the month, and for that I was able to claim £1.19 in delay repay. The company even has the brass neck to quibble over a second payment, where the train arrived a few seconds before the 15 mins, but the doors didn't open until after 15 mins. What a disgraceful service!

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    1. The really disappointing thing is that is started off so promisingly. The first few weeks of the franchise there was hope this might be the start of something different. They seemed to want to cosset you, extra staff, promise of a new timetable, tie up with MTR Hong Kong. However, the only evidence of Hong Kong I have seen is the Phooey from their PR department. They seem to have almost given up on customer service and I'd like to say same old same old, but is worse than SWT. If you are delivering 20%-30% punctuality for the majority of the last year at least try and make up for it with charm, the odd treat on those services that are poor. New rolling stock once in a while to remind us there is a better future. But they just don't seem to care. So you set your expectations extremely low as that is the only way you won't be disappointed.
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