Through service and ticketing to Corfe Castle

It was pleasing to see much fanfare about the SWR service to Corfe Castle on Summer Saturdays and promotion here which seems a good idea and a strong show of cooperation between SWR and the Swanage Railway

however I cannot seem to buy this £10 promo ticket online from Salisbury for any other date besides Saturday 9th June even though there are no apparent engineering works affecting the service I can see. Is there a way to improve the information & ticketing of this service and when it is likely to run this summer?


  • I see the Weymouth via Withered Arm service starts as well as ends at Waterloo this year. It appears the Corfe Castle extension has been dropped. I did hear this was under discussion for 2019. Does anyone have any details? As the Passenger TImetable has yet to be publicly released. Did seem like a good idea to work with Corfe Castle and line to Swanage. DId it last in 1969 under BR.

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