Poor Service

There are various comments on poor service, all of which I agree with but answers don't tell why things have gone so wrong since SWR took over the franchise.  Even when trains turn up they travel at a snails pace......and we're paying more for this! I understand the response that "On a network as busy as ours delays can spread very quickly...." but why is it happening all the time.  The sad thing is, now I comment about the odd time that the trains run on schedule rather than the other way around. And there is never anyone around from SWR to talk to or explain what has happened to the service. Even the staff at Waterloo just shrug as if to say "why be surprised".  It's the new norm and it is so frustrating. This was not the case with the previous provider.  Is there any rationale for this situation?  Will service ever revert to the consistency of the previous franchise owner?