Is South Western even capable of running a decent service for its “customers”?

You know, the ones you insult every day when your train run late, turn up with half the number of carriages, or are cancelled at the last minute? Every day, the trains run late. Every. Single. Day. Or worse, they’re cancelled at short notice. For no good reason. Please explain why. Why do we pay through the nose for this shoddy substandard “service”? I’m late for work every day. I should start charging.

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  • The service between Surbiton and Waterloo is pathetic. As you say, EVERY SINGLE DAY there is a problem. It’s the most incompetent service I have ever experienced and on top of that it’s an insult to every customer that has to pay full price for the experience. No conincidence that you now also have to jump through hoops to get a refund too. South West trains were not perfect but I would have them back in a flash. Disgraceful.

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