Why no emergency timetables ?

Why haven't you introduced an emergency timetable ? The Hounslow loop has a 45 min gap in the service due to unplanned train cancellations. You are running an unreliable service and letting your passengers down. Where is the emergency planning ? What are your managers doing in this crisis ?

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  • $**t happens.

    If you haven't noticed the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic is wider spread and has spread faster than anything experienced since the "Spanish Flu in 1918 and 1919.  The world changed dramatically over 100 years to late last year. There has been as much change in how the world functions in the last 3 months.

    Information like this?


    Some information is better than nothing.

    I trust you are able to help SWR in rewriting the timetable, rolling stock diagrams and train crew diagrams and avoiding any conflicting timings with other operators.   In this process you would also need to adhere to the Network Rail Train Planning Rules on headways, signalling restrictions, power supply considerations and train lengths as well as DfT  & RSSB regulations on train crew hours and meal break arrangements. You would also need to factor in servicing rolling stock, watering and draining controlled emmission toilets and remember to get the diesel units to either Salisbury or Fratton every 900 miles.

    As an SWR manager you will do this with a depleted number of train planners and a serious loss of expertise in Control after it moved to Basingstoke from Waterloo and many staff retired or moved to other companies.

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