Serial fare evasion on the 07:02 HSL-WAT

Hello - any chance you might consider sending Revenue Protection staff onto the 07:02 HSL-WAT train on a regular basis, at the moment it feels like it is full of regular fare evaders.

Whenever the guard walks through the train (rarely as this train is normally very overcrowded), normally at least 5 people in the carriage ask to purchase a ticket from PTR-WAT - PTR being the only station on the train's route without ticket barriers.

The common excuse for not having a ticket being "the ticket machines weren't working".

This excuse might be believable if it were a one off occurrence, however the same people are giving this excuse day in, day out, week after week, when the guard walks through the train - making me think there are a number of career fare-evaders on board on a daily basis taking advantage of the chronic overcrowding.

What is most disturbing is that I have sighted 2 individuals on board this service who are using annual season tickets from Vauxhall to Waterloo in order to open the barriers on arrival into Waterloo, which makes me believe that their actions are more sinister in nature.

It just makes a total mockery of those loyal fare paying passengers who sometimes spend many thousands a year on travelling to work.