Super Off Peak day return tickets, Fratton-Brockenhurst

Hi - for 2 people, day return + 2 Together RC, FTN - BCU, Saturday, leave after 10, return after 3. The 10.42 arriving 11.57 is the best option but there are 2 prices - £19.30 Super OP or £22.80 OP. Obviously I'd rather pay the cheaper fare but is it permitted? The Weekend SO ticket doesn't allow us to travel before 11.00 according to the Ticket Types page so why is the cheaper option showing for that ticket when I select the pre-11.00 train? Perhaps someone can explain what I'm missing?


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  • Ticket restrictions are per "flow" not per some marketing blurb which tends to be centred on the more popular London flows. has the FTN-BTN flow as restriction code XA for the super off peak weekend:

    Valid any time weekends or bank holidays.

    If unsure just print off the itinerary offering you the ticket and use that as proof it's valid, but that shouldn't be necessary. The restriction code is usually printed on the ticket and anyone checking has the ability to look it up.

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