Flexible season tickets. Again.

Does anyone know if there is any update on the implementation of flexible (ie part time) annual season tickets? I recognise that there have been a lot of threads about this before. The position from those threads appears to have been: (a) SWR saying either that there are plans afoot at some unspecified future point and/or that its ticketing team will consider the issue further; and/or (b) commuters believing that SWR in fact has no plans to introduce such tickets because it would reduce profitability from a captive market. Does that remain a fair summary of the position or is anyone aware of any update on this matter?

To be clear, I am not talking about a short term discount scheme like the carnet vouchers I have seen discussed. I am talking about a long-term (ie monthly/annual) ticket for those who commute every week on a permanent basis, but do so less than 5 days per week (ie part-time commuters).

Thanks in advance for any info or insight anyone can offer!

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  • I have received a definitive reply from someone at SWR customer services:

    ”I can confirm that we currently have no plans to introduce part time annual tickets. The only short team tickets we offer are the carnet tickets, but there is nothing in place for a part time monthly or annual ticket.”

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