Cannot load daily tickets onto smart card

I work in London two days a week. I'm fed up with going to the station every sunday to buy the next weeks tickets, and looked at the Smart card - which says you can load daily tickets plus now offers a carnet option (terrible discount - I assume the appeal is convenience. However - no success despite a call to customer services, who told me it was a website problem - try later.  I did try later, and then again today and I ended up ordering my tickets online and then collecting paper tickets from the station machine, despite specifying a smart card ticket - so still an extra journey to the station required. I have two questions - 1) why can't I add daily tickets to the smart card (the leaflet that accompanied it says this is available) and 2) why does the website say carnet tickets are unavailable? My journey is Alton to Waterloo, so no underground or changes involved. Very frustrating.

  • Please can you answer this question. I have exactly the same problem. I can’t believe how overly complicated something that should be so simple is. It’s extremely frustrating and I’m very close to just chucking the card in the bin.