Lost smartcard - what is the process?

I called up customer services on Monday 24th February, as per the terms and conditions, which state that once you've called your card can be cancelled within 24 hours and another card sent out.  When i called i was told that I couldn't cancel the card over the phone and that I'd have to email in. I was given email address smartcards@swrailway.com (found on FAQ page) and smartcard@swrailway.com, both of which I've used and got Mailer Daemons after a week!! So none of my emails have got through!

I intend to call them again tomorrow (as i found out today that your customer services is not open on Sundays, but that the lines will still put you in a queue for however long it takes you to give up!) Hopefully i can go through a formal complaints procedure and be compensated for the tickets I've had to buy.

I honestly wish i hadn't bothered with a smartcard. A normal season ticket would have been replaced the same for a small fee. All i want now is my £150 back!!

Please can someone respond with an WORKING email address? Or can you honour your terms and conditions and cancel my card over the phone? Any information regarding your complaints procedure would be appreciated, since I shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to replace a monthly season ticket!!

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