Flexible Season Tickets

I have read lots of threads on this and none provide any clear replies. Given that you have now introduced ticket scanners at Waterloo, pease advise when you will be introducing Flexible Season Tickets for part time workers?

If no specific date is available please advise why it is taking so long to implement, whether there is a current live project and what is the ‘go live date’ for that project. 

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  • SWR promised the government 2.6bn over 7 years, banking on 7% passenger growth per year. The reality is passenger numbers have tanked, 16m less passengers in 2017 and significantly reduced season ticket sales.

    Flexible working means more people working remotely and I guess others are just sick of the dismal service and choose to work elsewhere.

    For these reasons SWR will never have the flexible ticket people expect. If they offered a 5 day weekly instead of 7 it would likely be adopted by most commuters, instantly cutting into their revenue. 

    What the carnet has done has given the illusion of meeting a manifesto promise, but only on a technicality. It certainly is not the product any consumer had in mind.

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