Buying additional carnet tickets

I have bought 10 carnet tickets for my smart card and have used most of these so i am reaching the point when i need to buy some more.

Do i need to wait until i have used the final ticket before i buy more (which would be a pain and risks me forgetting) or can i buy more before the last one is in use or has been used?

If the latter is possible then how does "the system" deal with the older tickets vs the newer ones, ie is there a danger if you top up before you have use your older ones that the oldest tickets will hit the 2 month lifetime limit and expire?

Hope this makes sense.....

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  • Hi Jonathan, I have been advised that you are able to purchase a new set of Carnet tickets before your previous ones have been used. To ensure that the tickets have been loaded correctly we advise that you hold the Smartcard on the platform validator (or barrier gates) for at least 10 seconds.

    The Carnet ticket will be used in the order they are purchased ie oldest first.

    You are able to check how many tickets you have left and expiry by logging into your account.

    For more information please contact our Smartcard team on 0345 810 1010  or email