Renewing season ticket on a smartcard?

I currently have a smartcard with my annual season ticket on, I've been trying to renew it for the last two weeks but am unable to do so.

I've been told to call customer service, then to renew online, then to call the smart card helpline. I've spoken to several different people and it seems no one is able to take my money and sell me a season ticket on a smart card.

The website refuses to register my smart card against my account and it seems impossible to buy a new season ticket on a smart card. Despite all the advertising at the station telling me to renew online it seems impossible to do so!

Everyone I've spoken to has no idea about when this will be resolved nor do they seem to care that it's not been working for the past two weeks! Does anyone know when this will be fixed as going back to a paper ticket which is swallowed by the machine every day isn't appealing.

  • Hi, I'm sorry you have had conflicting information regarding your Smartcard renewal.

    Our Smartcard team have advised me of the following:

    Once you have logged into your account and checked that your Smartcard is registered under 'Manage your Smartcards', click 'My Seasons' and make sure your Photocard number and Postcode are saved.

    You can then choose Buy a Season Ticket  'Buy Now'.

    Once you have selected the required ticket, the “Only fares that can be loaded onto an ITSO Smartcard” must be ticked, otherwise it will offer a Paper ticket option.

    The next screen will allow you to select the price of the ticket required, then after pressed the yellow 'Buy Now', will ask you to confirm your details. The sections with an asterix must be completed.

    After that you can select the Smartcard you wish to load, along with the station you wish to activate/collect from. This can be done two hours after the purchase. The final page will take your payment details.

    I hope the above information is clear and of use to you.

    If you require additional assistance, you can contact our Smartcard team on 0345 810 1010  or email

    Once again I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.