Smartcard season tickets and Automatic gates at intermediate stations

I have just spent half an hour in the SWR call centre queue to be informed that the automatic barriers will not accept smart card season tickets at intermediate stations, and furthermore the agent I spoke to said that any changes to smartcard season tickets could only be done via email, with no details of what email address to use.

Can anyone verify if either or both of these assertions are correct? I have bought a monthly season ticket from Worplesdon and loaded it onto my smart card on the understanding that I could use it from Woking as well when necessary, but I don't want a twice daily battle with station staff about whether my ticket is valid or not. I would therefore rather change the origin to Woking and buy the additional Worplesdon add-on as required, until the barriers are working, but now it seems I have no way of changing my ticket, as the station ticket office apparently can't handle smartcards, the website contact form has no appropriate option, and the call centre refuses to assist.

I don't want to be a luddite but it seems I may have been better sticking with old fashioned paper.

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  • I see Bookham has just joined the list of stations that accept smartcards. Has there been a software update? I currently use my paper season ticket (Bookham to London Z1-6) with no problems at the three Southern stations Leatherhead, Ashtead and Epsom. If I get a smartcard will the barriers at those stations open for me?

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