How do I load a ticket onto the Smartcard?

I buy a daily ticket 1-3 times a week and my phone tends to demagnetise it which is frustrating and means I have to find a barrier with a guard.

I have a Smartcard but how do I buy a daily ticket and load it on?   I know I have to use a machine at the station (Farnborough Main) and can't do it online, but I dont know how to do that.  There's usually a queue behind me so I don't have time to try different things at the machine, and it doesn't give me any options, before spitting out a paper ticket.  


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  • Touch the smart card on to the ticket machine reader BEFORE touching the screen. It will only show you the journeys that can be loaded onto the smart card. Once you have selected your ticket type, pay and then you need to touch the card back on the reader to actually load the ticket. Also, if you need a receipt press the receipt button before you pay, as you can only get a printed one at the moment. Touch the ticket in on a platform reader at the start of the journey. Most guards don't bother to scan the smart cards as it takes too long, they just look at it, say 'thanks' and move on.