Season Ticket Loan via Abellio vs Annual Smart Season Ticket Renewal

I'm about to renew my annual season ticket which includes a London Zones 1-6.

When I renewed in Dec 2016, I bought a paper one on my personal credit card and then immediately got it loaded onto my brand new smart card so I could stop using paper tickets. 

When I renewed in Dec 2017 last year, I simply phoned SWR and did it over the phone again using credit card and it went straight onto the Smart Card I was already using. 

This year I want to renew again my same route, but my current company I work for provide season ticket loans direct via Abellio. Abellio buy and provide the ticket on my company's behalf. They will only provide the paper ticket version of my ticket. I want to know if I use the season ticket loan and obtain a paper annual ticket in this way, can I load this onto my smart card with no issues as I did in 2016 as mentioned above?

I can't go back to using paper tickets that die every month and take longer to go through barriers. Contrary to regularly made incorrect statements, the South Western Railway Annual Seasons with integrated travel cards, DO work fine through all London tube barriers that I have ever been through.

  • You can turn a a paper ticket into a smart card as long as it has at least 3 months left on it.  Best to check with your employer if their loan program allows you do that as the loan is linked to the asset.  An alternative service to conisder is Commuter Club that gives you the flexibility of a monthly with the benifits of a annual.  To turn your paper ticket into a smart card call up SWR customer services.