When will SMART tickets actually be SMART?

I use a SMART Card, which I like. However it isn't SMART. Not even slightly clever.

The problem is:

  • It's almost impossible to get a ticket on them. By phone it seems to take two hours to reach a ticket gate.
  • I can't specify which gate I need to pick the ticket up from.
  • Why do I need to specify  gate to pick it up from ?!
  • It never tells me when it is about to expire, so I inevitably find out the hard way at Waterloo

Can we please have some upgrades? I can transfer £1000 from my bank account to someone else's instantly, why does it take 2 hours for you to send a piece of digital information from one place to another?

At least tell us when the season is about to expire. Alternatively, switch to using contactless, and create an app to track expenditure / discounts / repayments.

  • I fully agree that the "Smartcard" are not smart.  My travel into London isn't that frequent any more (for which I'm glad as the services appears to have drastically declined), so I would like to have a monthly billing for my travel.  If I was to travel into London on 10 occasions in a month why not offer a discounted rate?  Currently unless I was travelling on 5 consecutive days I can only purchase daily tickets. To use my "Smartcard" I have to queue up at a ticket machine each day I travel - that's not smart.

    Smart ticketing would allow flexible ticket options and be useful to the customer.   Why make it hard for the customer to travel when touching in and out with a proper Smartcard and billing after the journey should be a basic function for a Smarcard.  Or allowing instant purchasing of tickets online, or with your app that are loaded onto your card straight away - wake up SWR, it's 2018 and in 2 hours I could transfer multi-gigabyte files across the globe, so a transaction of a few kilobytes should take milliseconds.

    Also for delays it should be possible to log into you account, select the journey for which you were delayed and submit a claim - this would make it so much easier for the customer, plus SWR should already have the data about the journey made.  It would be too much to expect automatic claims based on the journey data that SWR should have, but we can hope.

    Come on SWR, we've been hearing for years that fares are increased to improve the infrastructure and services, but we've yet to see this materialise for the increased we've been suffering for years.  How about some real investment into services and infrastructure, rather than shareholder profit?

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