Come on South Western Railway. Its nearly a year since you took over the franchise and i still cannot purchase a daily smartcard ticket online. I used to be able to purchase online smart tickets with the South West Trains app.

You keep telling people it will be soon since you took over. This forum keeps getting answers to say we will ask the relevant department and let you know. (not interested YOU are the company i am asking)

I know you can download daily tickets if you buy them at the machines, but i still queue for them so its a wasr of time, it is 2018.

Any ideas on time frame to resolve this? Or is this just some words on your web site that make you look good (until you try and use it)?
Thanks in advance.

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  • 18 December has come and gone. I have just ordered a ...touch...card, but there is no clue on the website as to loading an online ticket onto a smart card. Is this now possible? Thanks.

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