There are 7-day season tickets, but why there are no 5-working day season tickets?

This might seem like a simple question, but I have always wondered why we have to buy 7-day season tickets, whilst the majority of commuters only use them to travel between Monday to Friday?

I mean, I don't need to buy those 2 extra days, which only makes tickets unnecessarily more expensive.  

Implementing this wouldn't require changing the gates (given that they read a start date and an end date). It will be just the matter of adding that option in the vending machines and in the website. 

For a start, this type of tickets would only make sense to buy them on Monday or a Tuesday, it will still be cheaper than buying a 7-day season ticket. 

Of course, the real treat would be that the price-per-day should remain equivalent to the 7-day season ticket, that is, if the 7-day ticket is  £30, so the price per day is £4.28, the 5-working day ticket should be 5 x 4.28 = £21.40. Fantastic saving!!

  • In reply to Joseph B from SWR, you wrote that the types of season tickets are regulated by the ATOC, which I understand it means "it's not our fault".

    But that doesn't reply my question of why other types of season tickets have not been implemented. I would like to assume that all the train companies can make proposals to the ATOC, to change things in order to bring benefits to their customers. Why this hasn't been done and there are still only the same 4 types of season tickets?

    Also, you wrote, "A weekly season ticket is 4 - 5 times Any Time Day Return ticket (in some cases even cheaper)".  Who decides if it's 4 times or 5 times the price? SWR or the ATOC? And why the ratio is different between different destinations? 

    Even if all this falls in the ATOC lap, it's my understanding that currently is in progress an effort to simplify and rationalise the train fares.  I would really like to read what are SWR proposals on that regard, and I will strongly suggest to include the new 5-working day ticket. 

    Finally, I completely agree with Andy Boyne that a 5% discount in 10 anytime returns offer a very reduced saving, which will interest very few. I've used other public transport systems in Europe that for a 10-travel card will offer at least a 33% discount, or even higher. 

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