Why doesn’t my 1-6 zone travelcard work on buses via my smartcard?

I just ported my annual paper season ticket (Ashford Surrey to London plus 1-6 zone travelcard) and it works fine on rail and tube barriers but when I try to use a tfl bus oyster reader it rejects it and I get a red light. Is my card faulty or is there something wrong with the system? I’m definitely not going to hand my paper ticket in at a ticket office as requested until I can use all the travelcard features on my smartcard!

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  • I find that my Touch smartcard does work on Tfl buses but it takes a lot longer than it should to get read. I hold it on the reader and it can take up to 3 or 4 seconds to get a response. At ticket barriers on the tube or mainline SWR stations in London it's quicker but still slower than everyone elses card. I read that it was supposed to be quicker than a paper ticket but I'm not convinced any more.

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