Pricey and complicated!

Your prices are very high, can you explain why please?
And why is it so complicated in regard to different prices at different times of the day?

As a customer can I ask that you charge a fair price that we can understand or that you improve your service levels massively please?

  • Thanks!
  • HI Woking,

    Train tickets are expensive, I can't deny that.

    A 12 month season ticket from Portsmouth Harbour to London Waterloo will cost you £5,616.
    If you divide that over 46.4 weeks (minimum holiday is 5.6 weeks) it equals 121.04 per week
    Divide that again into 5 days and its £24.21
    Divide that again into a single journey and its £12.11

    If you drove from Portsmouth Harbour station to London Waterloo (75.8 miles) in a Ford Fiesta with 88.3 mpg based on petrol being 119p per litre it would cost you £4.64 per journey (or 4305.92 annually). If you add on to that Parking in central London, wear on your vehicle, road tax, insurance and other vehicle expenses the figures soon come close to even.

    In this graph you can see on average where your fare goes to:

    Again train tickets are also very complicated, I myself don't claim to understand them, the Rail Delivery Group are working hard to simply this but something like removing off peak fares and having one price all day would decrease the price of a peak ticket but massively increase the price of an off peak ticket - some people would for obvious reasons find that very annoying. I fully agree with you the rail industry as a whole needs to modernize and simplify buying a ticket. To make sure this gets implemented properly and consistently the Rail Delivery Group will take charge. 

    Rises in regulated ticket prices are set by the Government and you can read more about it here.

    In terms of performance we know we are not where we need to be and you can see an apology and action plan laid out by our Managing Director here. Everyone in SWR is committed to offering a train experience that we can be proud of. 

    *I've rounded up on the train ticket prices.

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