Is the promised "Flexible Season Ticket" a 10 return carnet with 5% aggregate discount?


for some time I have been seeking detail on the promised "Flexible Season" ticket to support part time commuters, that discussion is here.

The promise, as published in the Government announcement of the franchise was:

"new flexible season tickets, offering a discount for passengers travelling fewer than 5 days a week"

Forum staff have been helpful, but character of this new ticketing product is still not clear. This is a problem, as I, along with other customers, have been asking for clarity so that season ticket purchase patterns can be planned.

A member of the Rail UK Forum helpfully pointed me to the SWR franchise agreement, where I looked for the detail that would support the promise of a Flexible Season

Could SWR staff confirm if #69.1. in page 378 is indeed the promised "Flexible Season"?

This describes a carnet of 10 returns with a 5% discount on "Standard Anytime Day Return" pricing.

Please clarify the detail of the product, which you have told us will be availble at the end of August 2018

Many thanks,