Ticket not showing on SWR app despite refreshing several times and logging out and in several times!

Why hasn't my ticket for a trip today not shown on my SWR app, although I have had an email reference for it some 30 minutes ago?

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  • So I don't get a response here, time to call Customer Services.

    I do that - they tell me there is a problem with their system and to buy another ticket at the station and I can have a refund.

    I explain that is no good to me as my train is at 19:03 and I won't be able to get to the station until 19:00.

    A Football crowd tonight, means that the machines/office will be busy.

    I'm told Ok then go online and buy another ticket our system should be working now.

    I do that and still no ticket received on my mobile app.

    I give in, should I drive to my destination instead and give up on train companies altogether?

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