Mobile Ticketing

Hi Folks

It's exciting to see a pilot program for Android Season tickets in the Salisbury area.

I wondered if there are any plans to release a broader mobile ticket program like GWR, Virgin, LNER ect using barcodes so that all phone models may be supported?  This is a bit niche currently as it requires semi-specific phone models. I appreciate this probably has been done as it can potentially use the existing ticket gates by emulating a smart card. 

While mobile seasons are helpful, especially in solving paper tickets failing a much more useful facility would be the ability to avoid needing to purchase paper day tickets as lines can be quite lengthy, our you might be changing operators and need to purchase a ticket on the new leg of your journey. 

Smart cards currently respectfully are totally useless for Day Tickets so a mobile option would be greatly appreciated.  I understand a new solution for that might roll out in late 2019 that Tap and Go.