Appalling attitude of Matt at Waterloo

Appalling attitude of a so-called Customer Service Assistant at the Platform 3/4 barrier at 11:30am yesterday. He just stood with his hands in his pockets as a father was literally forced to hold open the wide gate to get his two young children through safely. I was behind and needed help and he just stared at me until I said he needed to start speaking and assisting people. He then became rude and aggressive shouting and walked off. Fortunately one of his colleagues came across and was fantastic although he said it wasn’t the first time similar feedback had been given on this staff member. We went to the Information Desk who rang the Managers who said they don’t have someone called Matt. I said I would point him out to them but they were too busy watching CCTV apparently and we’re still awaiting a call back. 

  • I had somethibg similar happen last week concerning a staff  member at the gates which I had to report to British Transport Police as well as SW Railways.

    I was verbally shouted at in a very aggressive manner when I pointed out that he had just smiled at two people who had jumped the gates in front of him. He told me to mind my own business and that it wasn't his job to stop people jumping the barriers instead of using tickets.

    He started to swear at me and when I asked him to stop, he got very nasty. One of his colleagues came over to diffuse the situation but was apathetic to my complaint of how I had been treated. He was waving his colleague away from me but the guy refused to leave and continued to shout abuse at me. He then shoved my shoulder albeit lightly and when I told him not to touch me, he shouted at me and git quite personal with his insults. 

    I walked away feeling threatened, reported the incident to a train guard who came and found me once I had joined the train. 

    I made a complaint over the phone to SW Railways and I thought that they were taking my complaint seriously. When I travelled to Waterloo the next day, the same staff member was still working by the gates. I spoke to. The Waterloo SW Railways duty manager who hadn't been informed of my complaint. I pointed out the staff member from a distance. 

    The British Transport Police also asked me to come in and give an official statement which I did. 

    Terrible experience. 

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