Station Repainting

I know it needs to be done to keep the buildings in good repair and a duty of care to the freeholders property. However some of the work being done at Eastleigh  and completed at other stations recently really looks shoddy and done down to a price.

A few examples -

Pigeon netting not removed, so the painting stops at the netting.

Door plates of third party companies either removed and not replaced or painted over.

Relief colour bands on posts and stancions are not painted, but applied  with coloured plastic tape.

Where two colours of paint have been used, no masking has been applied, so there are wavy edges and contrasting paint drips.

Incidentally light grey and dark blue is very similar to Southeastern Trains station paintwork. Are they taking over soon?

  • The local oiks have found that they can peel the dark blue tape off which makes it look even more uncared for!

    Eastleigh station staff do a good job trying to keep the station clean and tidy despite the the actions of the travelling public. Surely SWR could do a decent job which is resistant to vandalism?