Ticket Checks at Fleet

Can you just stop with these uncanny ticket checks at fleet please? It’s causing so many delays. Most people have tickets anyway! Especially if they’re going to a station with barriers (I.e. London for most people in the mornings). If you are going to persist, can you at least open another gate to ease on the delays.

If you want to help people, to should put a ticket machine on the London Waterloo platform (Platform 1) as lots of people come in through the gate on that’s side where there is no way to buy a ticket u less walking all the way over to the other platform to get one. Not ideal if you’re in a rush.

Can you also let us know when you’re going to be doing these checks, out of courtesy for frequent travellers who can then factor the additional time into their commute. I missed my train today because of one of the ticket people. Who for some reason also told me my train was now leaving, even though it just got there and stayed there for 2 mins, I was running to it but he told me there’s no point which I’m really annoyed about because I could have made it!

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