Hook station - Revenue protection team presence (04/06/18 - 06/06/18)

Was there really a need for the number of revenue protection personnel at Hook station during the days of 04/06/18 to 06/06/18..?

This morning (06/06) there were six or seven of them; four on platform 1 and at least two on platform 2. Of the four on platform 1 only one was in a recognisable uniform, the others had unbranded yellow hi-vis tabards on and none were openly displaying any form of official ID.

They were stood around at the ticket office exit doorway moaning about people using the station bridge as a cut through from Tesco's. (Install ticket barriers if this is a real issue!)

I was challenged for my ticket by one of them, even though he had watched me tap-in my smart card. When I asked if he wanted to check my smart card, he said they didn't have a hand reader and let me on my way.

What is the point in them being there if they can only check paper tickets?

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