Dorchester South Train Station

I live near Dorchester South train station and I am becoming increasingly upset by the constant announcements about the coronavirus and key workers. 

They are too frequent and too loud, making it impossible to relax in my garden or have a lye in. I am a key worker myself and like all key workers, am well aware of the measure we need to take to keep ourselves safe. I do appreciate these announcements need to be made but please consider residents too. 

The announcements seem to be made every 20 minutes, yet the trains are running every hour. Dorchester is a small town and is generally very quiet, at the moment it is pretty much a ghost town, so these announcement do not need to be gong continuously and surely some of them could just be done on the train. that way you are reaching the right people. 

  • Yes it is an annoyance. So is the refuse cart at 0900 when you have just come off night shift.

    But is it vital work to reprogramme the announcement system?  How do you know that the announcements are not triggered on a network wide basis? Once every 20 minutes is better than "see it, say it , (maybe) sorted" every five minutes at suburban stations last year.

    On the other hand, you're lucky, with the lockdown everywhere is quiet and you don't have a container train every hour slogging from Southampton Docks to the north and midlands. 

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