Replacement of the 3 bike racks in carriages on the 5 coach trains

This week on the Wareham to Bournemouth service I've now experienced the new cycle storage on the 5 carriage trains. The old racks for 3 bikes have been replaced with a cycle storage area with foldable seats as on the 4 carriage trains. I can understand SWT wanting to provide seats if there are no cycles but in my experience it is unlikely for there to be lack of seats in the main carriage AND no cycles so I suspect these seats will be little used. In the past there were always problems with luggage in the 3 rack area preventing the storage of bikes. By having clear space I'm sure this problem will increase. There is no signage in this area giving priority to cycles over passengers sitting or luggage and so I'm sure there will be more arguments between cycle users and other passengers. By removing the 3 racks it will make it more difficult for cycle users to retrieve their bikes from behind a pile of others. At least on the 4 carriage trains there are seats adjacent to the bikes so a cyclist can see and assist others in moving their bike. On the 5 carriage trains cyclists may end up standing by their bikes or if sitting in the main carriage continually checking if they need to move their bikes (or if completely anti-social just forgetting about it until their stop!) . This reconfiguration will not work and I wonder if any advice was sought with cycle users, groups or forums.

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