More carriages are needed on the Reading/Windsor and Eton Riverside -Waterloo service!!!

Why are there so few carriages on the Reading/Windsor and Eton Riverside to Waterloo Line every morning?? I never get a seat in the mornings; the train is constantly over-crowded, and I’m always packed in. Why aren’t there more carriages on this line? Your staff can surely see there’s not enough. I loathe that I have to travel via South Western anyway; the strikes and the delays and the completely shambolic way you have run things in 2018 are an absolute joke, and I can’t even get a seat on your over-priced, badly-run, pathetic attempt at a train service! Why are more carriages not put on to at least commissarate how bad everything else is on this service?!

  • Hi Maria,

    I'm sorry to hear you struggle to find a seat on our trains. The majority of the services from Windsor & Eton Riverside to Waterloo run with 10 coaches (Mon-Fri) which is the maximum length that we are able to run trains unfortunately. The services from Reading to Waterloo run with either 8 or 10 coaches, depending on the time of day. We use all available stock during peak times to seat as many people as possible. From the end of this year until the end of December 2020 we will be introducing our new fleet of brand new trains that will replace the older trains currently in use and add extra capacity to our services.

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