Unusual behaviour

I have to admit to being slightly surprised on the 29th Jan, while travelling to London on the 7:54 departure from Guildford (once again a short formed train) to see a member of Guildford SWR staff, running up the ramp and onto the platform simply to point and laugh at how overcrowded the train was, who appeared to be saying: "ha ha ha, look how rammed that train is".

Possibly they were off duty, as he was wearing a red hoodie over his uniform. Nonetheless, I was wondering if this is reflective of SWR's attitude?

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  • Hi, I'm sorry that you observed behaviour of this sort. It is not the attitude expected of staff regardless if they are in uniform or not. If you wish to make a formal complaint you may do so here > https://bit.ly/2S9ATOp so this can be passed onto the station manager responsible for Guildford to investigate. Once again please accept my apologies for any frustration caused. 

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