Reduced carriages.

Hi, I was wondering what's happened to 11 carriages train from Guildford (departure 6.34 am) that has been running on 8 carriages since December 2018. I thought this reduction of carriages was introduced over Xmas period where less passengers travel, but it seems to be a permanent thing. The carriages are overcrowded to the point that one of the passengers nearly fainted as there was no fresh air due to overcrowding. The journey is a nightmare. Also the train arrives late in Clapham Junction, where I change trains, as with reduced number of carriages passengers are not able to board/ leave the train in timely manner. This makes me miss my connecting train in Clapham Junction every morning. My question is: when is SWR going to return 11 carriages service on 6.34 am Guildford - London Waterloo line?