Cycles on peak trains

I am a cyclist, now and again, not a fanatic and I also go spinning at a gym. I have nothing against cyclists.

Last night I caught the late running 1730 London Waterloo to Portsmouth Hbr, which was obviously extremely busy due to disruption.

I found a place to stand by the first class, there were a couple if people with fold up bikes, which is totally acceptable. To my amazement three people boarded, at Waterloo, with normal road bikes which took up space and made it difficult for people to move past.They were travelling to Godalming, Haslemere and Havant.

I said to one cyclist that I thought there was a restriction on bikes, he told me that because he was travelling further than Guildford he was allowed to board with his bike at Waterloo and travel.

So with this interpretation of the restrictions I would suggest that all of us that live further south than Guildford grab our bikes in the New Year when we turn a new leaf and start hitting peak trains in our lycra like these pioneers of healthy living.

  • what nonsense, from the cyclist in question. the restriction as written on the SWR site is

    "Bicycles cannot join or leave trains bound for London Waterloo, Reading, Hook, Alton, Guildford and Dorking, due to arrive at London Waterloo between 07:15 and 10:00 inclusive or departing from London Waterloo between 16:45 and 19:00."

    Going beyond these stations is irrelevant, if the train leaves waterloo between 16.45 and 19.00 stopping at any of the listed stations then non-folding bikes are restricted.

    I would have thought the guard would have been all over this as its a safety issue and they are constantly sending messages that they are fighting for passenger safety