Toilets (again) and train heating

Today (21 November), Journey check is showing that the 12.05 Waterloo to Weymouth, 15.20 Weymouth to Waterloo, and 21.35 Waterloo to Weymouth have no working toilets. How is that remotely acceptable on a journey of just under 3 hours? I presume the same unit is working all three services. I certainly hope so, otherwise it's two units running around with no working toilets! If you've seen my previous posts, you'll know that this is an increasingly common problem.

Tonight, the guard on the 17.05 Waterloo to Weymouth has just announced that there is no heating in the rear 5 coaches. He says this was also the case on the inward journey, and it has not been possible to resolve it while the train was at Waterloo.

Something is going badly wrong with your train presentation and maintenace functions. In addition to delay repay, don't you think it's about time you started paying compensation for lack of toilets, lack of heating, lack of air conditioning in the summer, etc?