Travelling on the 17.05 Waterloo to Weymouth service. Guard has just announced there are no working toilets in the rear 5 coaches. Not the first time this has happened. There are barely enough toilets on modern trains when they are all working, so this is completely unacceptable. Need to do better SWR!

  • Hi Colin

    I’m sorry that the toilets on your train were locked out of use. Toilets with electrical doors lock themselves when the water tank is empty because there won’t be enough water for customers to flush the toilet or wash their hands. The only other reason would be if the guard had locked it because of a fault or vandalism or at times requiring emptying the holding tank (this happens only when the train missed the routine maintenance due to disruption or displacement), that can be done only at a depot.

    They will phone to report any problems as soon as they occur so that the problem can be fixed quickly, although sometimes this can’t happen until the train gets to a main station/depot.

    We understand that customers rely on these facilities, and I’m sorry that we let you down on this occasion. I’ve let the Presentation team know what happened so that they can look into the matter, and make any necessary improvements. Thanks for taking the time to write to us and I hope that your future journeys are more satisfactory.

    Kind Regards,

    Joseph B

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