The usual holiday Friday afternoon dog *** service. 3 carriages, extra travellers with suitcases, children and prams and barely room to pass through the carriage Announcements from guard - nil

Hold the headline. He’s just apologised for the lack of buffet trolley 

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  • I had a really bad experience yesterday on the service from London Waterloo to Woking.  I was seated on the train quite comfortable even though it was busy.  At the next stop a family got on two adult and what I have to say two badly behaved children plus two large suitcases.  Even though there was four of them plus the luggage they piled in on top of me.  Then all the way down to Woking, the children kicked me and my laptop bag, I mad a comment to the mother which she duly ignored.  I then had to move when another vacant seat became available.  I have never come across such rude passengers.  Worth noting that they before we got to Haslemere they had virtually cleared the carriage due to the screaming, running up and down the aisle and provoking a dog who was getting pretty narked by the whole situation.  What did the guard  - absolutely nothing!

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