Horrendous journey

You cancelled the 16.19 from Clapham Junction to Fleet (Basingstoke) due to the 'non-arrival of a member of staff'. I consequently had to get the 16.46, an 8 coach train which is always severely crowded anyway but due to the 16.19 being cancelled, was absolutely packed to the rafters. People were getting very stressed. It was a hot day, people were returning home from home, they have paid a LOT of money to travel and I'm fed up with your rubbish service. 

  • I'm very sorry that this service was cancelled for this reason. I would first urge you to claim Delay Repay here: https://bit.ly/2iVGozW and additionally please log this as a complaint here: https://bit.ly/2wz8qGL. We will only ever cancel trains when it's absolutely necessary, and I can appreciate that this was not a great day for this to happen when we're experiencing abnormally hot temperatures. I think that filing a complaint with all of these issues would be the best course of action, complaints are all noted and have a big effect on service changes - any constructive criticism is welcomed.