When are you going to start cleaning the trains?

You made much of how you were going to deep-clean and refurbish all your trains. I have seen no evidence of this. The ones I travel on (Fleet to Clapham Junction and back) have filthy carpets and revolting seats.

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    Unfortunately we have found with some of our carpets that much of the dirt is still ingrained despite the previous cycle of deep cleans. As such it is in some cases quite a challenge to bring the carpets back to what we would consider a good base standard. Much of the stock was inherited in a pretty dirty state, and with years of ingrained dirt which hasn't helped.

    The carpets have arguably been the toughest challenge of the new deep clean regime. We are always trying new techniques to lift the ingrained dirt, particularly on our 450s where we see the worst stains. Thankfully the 450 fleet have now commenced an internal overhaul which includes full carpet replacement. It will take us some time to get through the entire fleet (they are the largest on the network - 127 units), but customers will definitely start seeing a positive progressive difference as we move forward in time.

    During the deep cleans we have been steam cleaning the carpets and will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this process. All trains should be receiving a steam cleaned carpet every 30 days - this regime commenced in December. The more the carpets are steam cleaned the greater impact we should see, and the cleaner the carpets will progressively become.

    In addition to the deep clean cycle we also attend to our trains with a standard clean. On a standard clean the floors are swept and mopped thoroughly. We aim to carry out a standard clean on the units at least once every 48 hours. There are occasionally units excepted from this, for example where units are stored at certain overnight berthing locations which prevent a clean from being undertaken due to safety reasons.

    During the working day itself, trains only receive a turnaround clean due to time restraints and the floors are normally very dirty by the end of service. On a turnaround clean they are only swept, so this will not fully clean seriously dirty floors.

    I hope this goes some way to providing clarity around our current approach in respect of train cleaning.

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